Design finished, let’s start building

After a full year spent designing the car, the construction phase is finally starting and we could’nt be more excited. Each division has left the computer rooms and is now hard at work in the workshop.


The aerodynamic team is preparing all the materiel necessary to start the production of the bodywork beginning of February. You have here the mold that will be used during the production process. The Linen fiber has also been ordered and delivered. Everything is gathered to obtain a beautiful finished product. The students will meet the 14th and 15th of February in our partner’s workshop, Marechal Composite to build the bodywork.

The chassis division might be the most active right now. The welding of the chassis started last week and is moving fast. In parallel, the mold of the seat is being created with CNC machining. It is now ready for use and has even been tested.


Lausanne Racing Team or Lausanne Relaxing Team ?