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Under the umbrella of MAKE Projects in the EPFL, the EPFL Racing Team is among the biggest scale projects made on campus. For the members of the team, Formula Student is an excellent way to put into practice everything learned in theoretical courses during the many semesters of their university careers. These students are either designing systems from scratch or improving systems tested on previous cars. From software to hardware, each part is made to perform best on track. These single seaters being composed of numerous complex interconnected systems, this project is highly interdisciplinary and brings students from many engineering specialties together. By the end of their experience as part of the EPFL Racing Team, every member gains key practical and theoretical skills through building the engineering marvels that these race cars are! 


Building upon the experience gained over the past seasons, we embarked on constructing our third car: Artemis.

Equipped with the first hybrid monocoque, this car represents a major breakthrough towards new horizons. With advancements in torque vectoring and regenerative braking, Artemis promises to be more robust, safer, and more efficient than our previous cars.

The team participated in the FS Switzerland in Zurich, FS East at Hungaroring, FS Germany at Hockenheim, and FS Spain near Barcelona.



The excessive spoiler deflection detected during the technical inspection was quickly corrected. The spoiler was temporarily removed for adjustments prior to dynamic testing, ensuring optimum performance and safety for the upcoming tests.

FS East

At our second competition on the mythical circuit of Hungaroring technical problems prevented us from finishing the endurance race a few meters from the finish line.


This was the toughest competition against some of the best teams. Our team worked hard throughout the competition to solve the technical problems. We are very proud of our results.


Heavy rain was falling during the whole competition. Therefore several events had to be held on wet track, which was an additional challenge for our team.


Autocross – 1st place

Skipad – 2nd place

Engineering design – 1st place

General ranking – 4th in 15


Business Plan – 3rd place

General ranking – 14th in 33



Endurance – 11th place

General ranking – 31st in 66


Business Plan – 1st place

General ranking – 11th in 38

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