Who are we ?

EPFL Racing Team is the Formula Student team of EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) founded by students in the fall of 2017. Each year, the team designs and develops an electric racing car. The watchword of this competition is innovation. Thus, EPFL Racing Team contributes to the development of more sustainable and efficient technologies in the automotive industry, while remaining in the perspective of learning by doing.

What is Formula Student ?

Formula student is the biggest student motorsport competition where teams of future engineers from all around the world compete against each other. The goal is to build an electric race car from scratch according to the competition’s regulations. The teams then compete in a variety of events.

Our team

The team is composed of 10 different sections of EPFL, as well as some students from HEC Lausanne and HEIG Yverdon. If you are a student in and around Lausanne, we look for people interested in all aspects of the team, from Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Engineering, to Logistics, Business, Design and Marketing ! The main recruitment takes place at the end of the Spring Semester, but feel free to write to us anytime !





The Aerodynamics Division is in charge of designing an aero kit to improve the performance of the car by reducing drag and increasing downforce.


The BESS Division, or Battery Energy Storage System, is responsible for the design of the battery pack. It deals with the selection of the cells that will be used as well as the mechanical structure that holds everything together.

Business & Logistics

Covering all the behind the scenes work, the Business & Logistics division encapsulates the sponsoring team, the communication team and EPFL Racing Team’s committee. They are responsible for Finances, Marketing and Events, as well as ensuring a general team-wide organisation.


The Chassis division designs the structure of the vehicle : a light, rigid and ergonomic chassis. The goal for the 2022 season is to make a monocoque!


The Driverless division has the goal of taking an autonomous car for the 2022 season. They are remodeling Mercury (our 2021 season race car) to compete without a pilot.

Low Voltage Electronics

The Low Voltage Electronics division develops the entire on board electronics and the entire safety system of the car, from developing their own PCBs, to powering the entire low voltage system using a self developed li-ion battery. They also implement the security system throughout the vehicle. The goal of this division is to make the electronics rule compliant and allow the other divisions to improve their designs using the data collected by the numerous sensors present in the car.

Power Electronics

The Power Electronics division is in charge of the electronic aspect of the car’s power. They manage engine control, design and implement systems to operate the car on the edge of its traction limit (launch control, traction control, torque vectoring).


The Powertrain division deals with the mechanical integration of engines, the transmission and the cooling system of engines and inverters.

Vehicle Dynamics

The Vehicle Dynamics division designs and builds the steering, suspensions and braking systems.

How can you help us ?

In order to reach our goals, partners are needed ! The team is open to sponsorships from both companies (Partners) and individuals (Friends). If you are interested in this project and you want to help us, feel free to contact us!