Wheelbase : 1570mm
F/R Track : 1240mm
Ready to Race mass : 243kg (excluding driver)
Weight Distribution : 50/50 (including 70kg driver)

Suspension : Pushrod actuated Heave-Roll decoupling system, with 5 way adjustable dampers
Transmission : 4 x Outboard two stage planetary gearbox
Gear Ratio : 13.188
Max Speed : 115kmh
Rims : Ultra lightweight magnesium OZ racing with Centrelocks
Tyres : 16×7.5-R10 Hoosier R20
Brakes Front : ISR 4 Piston with self-developed discs
Brakes Rear : ISR 2 Piston with self-developed discs
Chassis : Self-developed carbon fiber monocoque, 34kg with the hoops
Ergonomics : Self-developed carbon fiber steering wheel, dashboard and seat

Package : 80 self-developed carbon fiber parts (infusion based).
Frontal Area : CL : 2.3 | CD : 1.0 | 185 kg of downforce at 100km/h

Braking : 10 Bar emergency braking system with independent master cylinders
Steering : Actuated via motor directly into self-developed dual entry steering rack
Vision : LiDAR and Camera
Control : MPC

Max Power : 80kW (competition spec)
Motors : 4 x AMK hub motors 10 pole permanent synchronous 26kW/21Nm
VSI : 4 x AMK KW26-S5-FSE 8kHz hard switching IGBT inverters
Battery : 9.3kWh with 576 MolicellP45B cylindrical cells
BMS : Self Developed
Driving modes : 12 Stage power management system, switchable Traction Control and Torque Vectoring
Dash : Self developed tactile dashboard with sensor/shutdown/driving mode information
Connectors : Custom LEMO connectors
Code and Hardware : Labview running on a SBrio 9627 667 MHz CPU, 512 MB DRAM, 512 MB memory
Communication : 2 CAN Buses


How you can help us

In order to reach our goals, partners are needed ! The team is open to sponsorships from both companies (Partners) and individuals (Friends). If you are interested in this project and you want to help us, feel free to contact us!