Fact Sheet Ariane


Wheelbase : 1570mm
F/R Track : 1240mm
Ready to Race mass : 243kg (excluding driver)
Weight Distribution : 50/50 (including 70kg driver)

Suspension : Pushrod actuated Heave-Roll decoupling system, with 5 way adjustable dampers
Transmission : 4 x Outboard two stage planetary gearbox
Gear Ratio : 13.188
Max Speed : 115kmh
Rims : Ultra lightweight magnesium OZ racing with Centrelocks
Tyres : 16×7.5-R10 Hoosier R20
Brakes Front : ISR 4 Piston with self-developed discs
Brakes Rear : ISR 2 Piston with self-developed discs
Chassis : Self-developed carbon fiber monocoque, 34kg with the hoops
Ergonomics : Self-developed carbon fiber steering wheel, dashboard and seat

Package : 80 self-developed carbon fiber parts (infusion based).
Frontal Area : CL : 2.3 | CD : 1.0 | 185 kg of downforce at 100km/h

Braking : 10 Bar emergency braking system with independent master cylinders
Steering : Actuated via motor directly into self-developed dual entry steering rack
Vision : LiDAR and Camera
Control : MPC

Max Power : 80kW (competition spec)
Motors : 4 x AMK hub motors 10 pole permanent synchronous 26kW/21Nm
VSI : 4 x AMK KW26-S5-FSE 8kHz hard switching IGBT inverters
Battery : 9.3kWh with 576 MolicellP45B cylindrical cells
BMS : Self Developed
Driving modes : 12 Stage power management system, switchable Traction Control and Torque Vectoring
Dash : Self developed tactile dashboard with sensor/shutdown/driving mode information
Connectors : Custom LEMO connectors
Code and Hardware : Labview running on a SBrio 9627 667 MHz CPU, 512 MB DRAM, 512 MB memory
Communication : 2 CAN Buses


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