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The Aerodynamics division designs and manufactures the aero kit of the car, which improves the performance of the car. The aero kit is also very visual and, along with the Chassis, gives the car its shape, thus also becoming the esthetic expression of the car.

Members of aerodynamics : Alexis Faucheur (Teamleader), Ray AL-Dayem, Rafael Reig Cerro, Martino Allegri, Edgar Clement, Nelson Belais, Luca Abundo, Simone Minervini, Mentor Tafili, Àlvaro Solans, Jean-Karim Ekra, Hugo Noël


The Battery Energy Storage System division, or BESS for short, designs and manufactures the battery pack. The battery pack being custom made, they are responsible for the selection of the cells that will be used, as well as the mechanical structure that holds everything together that is adapted to the specific needs of the car.

Members of BESS : Baptiste Ranglaret (Teamleader), Louis Gounot, Joel Kocher, Lisa Danial, Julian Asboth, Etienne Hofstetter

 Business & Logistics

Covering all the behind the scenes work, the Business & Logistics division encapsulates the sponsoring team, the communication team and EPFL Racing Team’s committee. They are responsible for Finances, Marketing and Events, as well as ensuring a general team-wide organisation.

Members of business & logistics : Anna Hausel (Teamleader Communication), Sabrina Travaglini, Marek Waeber, Laura Ciak, Marielle Hänggeli, Asia Picasso ; Alex Reis de Matos (Teamleader Sponsoring), Savinien Semeria, Valentin Perret, Stefan Wang, Sami Ferchiou


The Chassis division designs the structure of the vehicle, as well as the seat and the head restraint. These must be light, rigid and ergonomic, as they make up a large part of the car and ensure the safety and comfort of the driver. The next step for the Chassis is having a monocoque body!

Members of chassis : Jawad Korkmaz (Teamleader), Gauthier Ducrozet, Noam Fisher, Chiara Pettini, Laura Cheng, Emre Altan, Thibault Marty, Sébastien Roux


The Driverless division was founded in 2020, aiming to make the EPFL Racing Team cars autonomous. They are remodelling Mercury to become the first such car! The scale of this division means that the other divisions all have members who work on the various other aspects of the integration process!

Members of driverless : Sebastien Chahoud (Teamleader), Arthur Valentin, Joe Najm, Achraf Berrada, Sélim Kamal, Tudor Oancea, Mugahed Abdulla, Ralph El Rassi, Mattéo Berthet, Alexandre Dherse, Adrien Remillieux, Bertrand Gresle

Low Voltage Electronics

The Low Voltage Electronics division develops the entire on board electronics and the entire safety system of the car, from developing their own PCBs, to powering the entire low voltage system using a self developed li-ion battery. They also implement the security system throughout the vehicle.

Members of low voltage electronics : Colin Bocquillon (Teamleader), Martin Simik, Simon Aquarone, Ludovic Blanc, Mathieu Depalle, Michael Richter, Sylvain Pellegrini, Rafael Riber, Coline Droxler, Yacine Derder

Power electronics

The Power Electronics division is in charge of the electronic aspect of the car’s power. They manage engine control, design and implement systems to operate the car on the edge of its traction limit, which includes launch control, traction control and torque vectoring.

Members of power electronics : Johan Germanier (Teamleader), Antonin Stampbach, William Ducommun, Bertrand Gresle, Valentin Riat, Hugo Delesalle


The Powertrain division is in charge of the mechanical integration of the engines. Specifically, they work on the transmission and the cooling system of the engines and the inverters. They have developed an in-wheel powertrain system which will be integrated into the next car!

Members of powertrain : Gabriel Veigas (Teamleader), Emile Caillol, Serge El Asmar, Kristoffer Petersen-Overleir, Aurélien Thépaut

vehicule dynamics

The Vehicle Dynamics division designs and builds the various systems that control the wheels, namely the steering, the suspensions and the braking systems. Thus, the division has to work closely with the chassis design, to ensure a solid meeting between body and suspension, and the in-wheel powertrain systems.

Members of vehicule dynamics : Emmanuel Ducongé (Teamleader), Armand Dechant, Maxime Lenoir, Peter El Kadi, Etienne Boucard, Julien Grandmougin, Daniel Bakker, Yann Devance, Vincent Philippoz, Yucef Grebici, Justin Marichal, Ferdinand Lepissier

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